When it comes to floor coverings, carpet is the number one choice among American households. The reasons why it remains a top choice are countless.

Reasons Why Carpet Is A Top Flooring Choice

These are the most common reasons:

  • Carpet is one of the most affordable flooring product
  • Carpets are easy to install and remove
  • Carpet floors come in different types, styles and textures making it easier for homeowners to find a carpet floor tile that would complement the interior style of their home
  • Carpet flooring offers comfort that no other floor products can beat
  • Current carpet floor products are now made of highest quality materials making them very durable

Because of the wide array of carpet selections in the market, you may feel overwhelmed when choosing a specific carpet floor tile. Let this post serve as guide so that you can learn all you need to know about carpet floors. Learning more about carpets will facilitate in coming up with the best carpet choice for your home

Different Carpet Styles

There are two main carpet style categories: cut pile and loop pile. Each of these style categories come with subcategories which divide carpets according to specific construction styles.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpets are formal looking. Loops of this carpet are cut so the carpet produces upright piles of yarn. This gives the carpet a luxurious appearance.

  • Cable creates a cozy look because of its thicker and longer fiber piles
  • Plush is the carpet of choice if you want to create a formal look in a room because of its smooth and perfect finish
  • Textured carpets are perfect for crowded areas because its created with uneven yarn heights that easily hides dirt
  • Saxony comes with longer and twisted fibers that create a smooth and even finish. Be careful when choosing this style at it can easily show footprint marks on the carpet
  • Frieze is a longer version of Saxony. They come with twisted fiber piles but the fibers are even longer. Unlike Saxony, Frieze can hide footprint marks

Loop Pile

The yarn loops of loop pile carpet remain uncut so its loops stay intact – hence its name. This creates a softer finish to the carpet as well as gives it a smoother feel to the feet.

  • Patterned Multi-Level Loop comes with different fiber heights giving it a more textured look
  • Level Loop is packed with short looped fibers making it a top choice for high traffic areas. Though level loop looks informal, they are great in hiding dirt
  • Cut and Loop as its name suggests is a combination of looped and cut pile fibers giving it more texture and pattern

Types of Carpet Fibers

Carpet floor tiles also differ in the type of fiber used to make it. Here are the most common types of carpet fibers:

  • Nylon is the most common carpet fiber material. More than half of the carpets sold in the United States are made of nylon. Nylon is a top material choice because it’s a very durable fiber and it can make the carpet last for many years. To resist stains, carpet manufacturers usually treat nylon carpet with stain repellant. When left under prolonged sun exposure, nylon carpets fade easily.
  • Olefin less likely fades, unlike Nylon. But they are not as stain proof as the nylon carpets. Olefin carpets are ideally used as outdoor carpeting not only because of its resistance to fading but also because it is a very strong fiber that can resist molds and mildews.
  • Polyesteris the cheapest carpet fiber. However, manufacturers have made great strides in it’s durability and it has become a very popular carpet option. Polyester is not as resilient as the Nylon carpets.

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