You want to achieve the natural hardwood look in your home but don’t have the budget. There’s laminate flooring!

Laminate flooring is durable, scratch, stain and moisture resistant, easy to maintain flooring perfect for households with pets and children. What’s best about laminate is that they look and feel like hardwood but they cost a lot lesser.

Learn more about laminate flooring below.

What is Laminate Flooring?

A laminate floor is an advanced flooring innovation that is created by combining together different layers of floor materials into one sheet. Each laminate floor sheet is a fusion of the following layers:

  • Stabilizing layer

The stabilizing layer is the bottommost layer of a laminate floor. This layer strengthens and stabilizes the laminate. It is also the layer that makes the laminate resist spills and moisture.

  • Core layer

The core layer is the second layer that supports the laminate against the stress and weight of the foot traffic. The core is the one responsible for making the laminate floor sturdy and durable. It is made of wood fibers that are compressed together by resin and adhesive.

  • Decorative layer

The decorative layer lies on top of the core layer. This layer gives the laminate a hardwood appearance. Basically, the decorative layer is a photograph made of sheets of paper adhered together with melamine resin.

  • Transparent wear layer

A transparent wear layer is applied over the decorative layer for protection. It is made of aluminum oxide finish that makes the laminate floor resist scratches, burns, dense, moisture and strains.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminate looks and feels like hardwood

So, why not just buy hardwood? Although you could easily choose hardwood instead of laminate floor, it is a wise if you buy laminate. Laminate is more affordable than hardwood. Buying laminate is just like buying hardwood as the former is inspired by the nature and feel of the latter. So if you want to achieve the look and feel of hardwood flooring on a limited budget, choose laminate.

Laminate lasts

Compared to hardwood, laminate floor is more durable. They are scratch and moisture resistant. Laminate floor has proven to resist wear and tear. This makes them a better option when you have pets and kids in the house and you barely have time to maintain expensive hardwood floors.

Laminate flooring is versatile

Whatever hardwood floor texture and pattern you are aiming for, laminate floors can imitate. They simulate the look of a hardwood naturally that you can’t even know the difference. Laminate floors can replicate several types and colors of wood not limited to oak, mahogany, walnut, chestnut, ash, pine, maple and hickory.

Laminate is easy to install

Unlike other floor types, laminate is easy to install. This is because each laminate sheet is designed in such a way that it interlocks with each other making it easier to work with. When working with laminate, you need not remove your existing floor because this type of flooring can be “floated” over your floor. This saves time of installation. However, if you want the laminate flooring to be perfectly installed so it could last a long time without wear and tear, better hire the professionals.

Laminate Flooring Installation In WY

When it comes to your laminate flooring needs in WY, you should hire the experts: Battleson Brothers Flooring.

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Battleson Brothers Flooring retails laminate floors and other types of floors such as carpet, hardwood, tile and linoleum floorings from any of these brands:

  • Shaw Floors
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