Homeowners patronize tile floors because of its durability, utility and versatility. They can easily be used as flooring for any type of room. But when it comes to choosing the right kind of tile floor for your Wyoming home, you need to spend a little time learning more about tile floors as this helps you choose the best there is available.

Types Of Tile Floors

These are the three main types of tile floors according to the materials used to make it:


Porcelain tiles are highly durable tile floors. They are very hard and very resistant to wears and tears. They are impermeable to stains, moisture and varying temperatures. Owing to this, porcelain tile is the most popular flooring option. They are best for high-traffic areas.

Porcelain tiles come in two subcategories according to colors and textures:

·      Full-body porcelain comes with a seamless color throughout its body because its color pigment has been mixed with clay body powder

·      Glazed porcelain tiles have been glazed on its surface giving it a glassy smooth appearance


Ceramic is the most basic tile flooring type. It is widely used among American households because of its color options, countless shapes and size selections and its customizability.

Ceramic tiles are made of clay that is fired under a high temperature until it solidifies. With proper care, ceramic tiles can last a lifetime.


Tiles also come in various accents letting you choose from among fashionable patterns, mosaics and different textures like glass, stone and metals. Let’s talk about some of these different tile accents:

·      Stone Tiles are made from large blocks of stones gathered from mining. They can be used both for flooring and walling. Stone tiles come in granite, slate and marble. Granite stone tiles are very durable and are perfect for heavy duty floors. Slate tiles are great for tabletops and exterior floors as they are quite resistant to fading. Marble tiles are great for a timeless look because of its classic appearance.

·      Glass tiles are quite delicate and are only recommended as accents in kitchens and bathrooms.

·      Metal tiles like glass tiles are perfect as embellishments.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing Tile Floors

Aside from the type of material used to make the tile floors, you must also factor in the following when deciding a type of tile floor:

·      Color

Tiles come in various colors. If you want to tile walls and cabinets, bold colors are the best choices. Subtle and neutral shades are best for flooring to create a coordinated theme.

·      Size

Size is a big factor when it comes to choosing tiles because it can dramatically improve how big or small a room would feel. Small tile sizes make smaller rooms look and feel less crowded; larger tiles are great for big areas.

Tile Floors In Wyoming

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Not only does Battleson Brothers Flooring sell tile floors, they also retail carpet, hardwood, laminate and linoleum floorings from any of these brands:

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