Battleson Brothers Flooring specializes in Vinyl Flooring Installation in Wyoming. With a combined 35 years of experience in Vinyl Flooring Installation in WY areas, Battleson Brothers can guarantee the quality and service you expect.

When it comes to beautifying your home, flooring is a major factor. Installing durable and versatile flooring is a must for any active household. For your durable and versatile flooring needs, vinyl flooring is the best choice. Read on to know why.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring For Your Home?

Vinyl Floor Tiles Are Versatile

Vinyl flooring is known for its wide array of design selections as well as its durability. Vinyl floors come in call kinds of materials: stone, marble, ceramic, wood, etc.

Installing vinyl floor tiles can enhance the look of your house at the same time increase its value. What’s great about vinyl floor tiles is that they can achieve the look of stone, marble, ceramic or wood floors at a budget-friendly cost. Through vinyl flooring, you can achieve a celeb look to your house at a very affordable cost.

Vinyl Floor Tiles Are Durable

Another advantage of vinyl floor tiles is that they are very durable. Almost all vinyl floor tiles are built to last because they are constructed in four layers: 1) the wear layer, 2) design layer, 3) inner foam layer and lastly 4) the back layer. This layering technique makes the vinyl floor tiles last for many years.

Vinyl Floor Tiles Are Affordable

Vinyl flooring in Montpelier WY now cost more or less $5 per square foot. Despite its cheap price, vinyl floor tiles are still of great quality. Moreover, the look of vinyl floor tiles is not sacrificed by its cheap price. In fact, does not look cheap at all. Furthermore, they are very comfortable on your feet.

Expert Vinyl Flooring Installation 

Battleson Brothers Flooring is a full service residential flooring center in WY. They specialize in vinyl flooring installation around Wyoming areas

Although you can install the tiles yourself, it is still recommended that you hire an expert for vinyl flooring installation to ensure that it is done correctly and for your flooring to last for many years.

Battleson Brothers Flooring is proud of its professional flooring installation services. Aside from expert flooring installation, they also provide the following services:

  • Free estimates completed within 24-48 hours
  • Bring samples to you and your customer
  • Items in stock ready for immediate installation
  • Offer comfortable Spillguard Memory Foam for kids
  • Guaranteed inspection of every job before you or your customer see final product (no call backs)
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked

Not only does Battleson Brothers Flooring sell vinyl floor tiles, they also retail carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate and linoleum floorings from any of these brands:

  • Shaw Floors
  • Beaulieu America
  • Mohawk Flooring
  • Mannington Flooring
  • Kraus Flooring
  • Phenix Flooring
  • Camelot Carpet Mills
  • Royalty Carpet Mills

For your vinyl flooring installation needs in WY, call Battleson Brothers Flooring at 307-883-9797 or email them at