Beaulieu America

An American Company that emphasizes personal relationships with its residential and commercial clients as well as homebuilders, Beaulieu America takes pride in its flooring products and services.

Beaulieu America is committed to focusing on its customer’s needs and wants. Most of its success stories are embedded on how the company has addressed the specific needs of its clients.

They are popular for their indoor improvement products that are manufactured with exclusive Magic Fresh® odor reducing carpet treatment and Silver Release® antimicrobial carpet treatment.

Beaulieu America aims to be the supplier and employer of choice in the flooring industry. They plan on achieving this mission through superlative products with unique, proprietary features and benefits driven – always – by customer needs.

Beaulieu America Floor Products

Beaulieu America offers both residential and commercial products.


Beaulieu America’s Carpet comes in all fabulous patterns and colors designed with today’s active lifestyles in mind


Beaulieu America’s Carpet Tiles offers the comfort of carpet with the convenience of individual tiles


Beaulieu America’s Luxury Vinyl has the look of expensive hardwood and tile at a price you can afford



Aqua Hospitality Carpet offers creative design and exceptional service for your hospitality and hotel carpeting


BOLYU Contract offers commercial carpeting and flooring solutions designed with health in mind


Featured Beaulieu America Product: Carpet

Beaulieu America Carpets come in fabulous patterns and have been designed with today’s active lifestyles in mind. They can be a perfect foundation on which you can build your room.

Here are some of the best features of the Beaulieu America Carpets:

Magic Fresh®

Magic Fresh® odor reducing carpet treatment is unique to Beaulieu America Carpets. It works by neutralizing common household smells like those from pets, cooking and smoking.

Silver Release®

This feature is exclusive to Beaulieu America Carpets. Silver Release® is an antimicrobial carpet treatment that safely and naturally inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M

Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M is specially formulated exclusively for Bliss by Beaulieu. It is a treatment added during the manufacturing process to provide an invisible barrier around each individual fiber, protecting it against stains and dirt – making clean up much easier.

Below are some of the Beaulieu America carpets you can find at Battleson Brothers Flooring. Check out our showroom to view samples and learn more about Beaulieu America and its products from our knowledgeable staff.

beaulieu-carpet-options beaulieu-carpet-patterns-2 beaulieu-carpet-patterns

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