Camelot Carpet Mills

Camelot Carpet Mills, a subsidiary of Royalty Carpet Mills, is one of the fastest growing carpet mills in the United States. It is a family-owned business that takes pride in manufacturing carpet series that are of high quality and are designed for long-term fade resistance and outstanding durability.

The company is committed to provide the styling, quality and service demands of its consumers. It is big enough to cater your carpeting needs yet small enough to ensure your long-term flooring satisfaction.

They have a wide selection of carpet fabrics that range from different styles: twist textured cut piles to patterned selections. Camelot Carpet Mills also offers custom colorization on its carpet products.

Camelot Carpet Mills satisfies the desires of its consumers through an innovative, high quality product line, excellent service and dependability.

Camelot Carpet Mills Sustainability Efforts

Camelot Carpet Mills maintains a responsible company profile dedicated to maintaining a safe and sustainable environment as evidenced by the following:

  • CRI Green Label +Plus Certification

This certification ensures that customers of Camelot Carpet Mills are buying the lowest chemical emitting carpet products on the market. It also means that Camelot Carpets have met the stringent standards of carpet cleaning effectiveness and indoor air quality.

South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Standards Compliant

Camelot Carpets undergo a manufacturing process that is able to maintain good air quality. The equipment, machines and devices used to create Camelot Carpets meet regulation standards.

  • Camelot Carpet Mills makes of natural gas to run its generators.
  • Engine exhaust is used to heat the company’s ovens.
  • The water used to cool an engine is recirculated to a preheat boiler water which saves more gas.

Camelot Carpet’s Features

Here are some noteworthy facts about Camelot Carpets:

Camelot uses only 100% Type 6,6 nylon in all its products.

Type 6,6 nylon is a carpet fiber that has a 20% higher resilience level than the ordinary Type 6 nylon used by other manufacturers. This means that Camelot Carpets are more resistant to stains penetrating the fiber thereby making the carpet last longer.

Camelot uses the highest quality latex

Latex is used to adhere tufted carpet to its secondary backing. The type of latex used by Camelot Carpet Mills on its carpets is top-of-the-notch and provides a finished carpet with superior dimensional stability and a tuft bind that greatly exceeds industry standards.

Camelot Carpet Mills Products

These are just some of the best carpet collections from Camelot Carpet Mills that you can find at Battleson Brothers Flooring:





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