Phenix Flooring

Phenix Flooring is the leading manufacturer of residential carpet. Since 2006, Phenix has been providing over the top quality carpets that exceeds the standards set by the flooring industry. The company makes use of modern technologies to create the finest carpets.

Phenix is proud of its stylish, comfortable, sustainable and affordable carpets that rises above the competition. The company ensures that all of its residential carpets are made with the best technologies and resources.

Phenix Flooring always have the best intentions for its customers. In fact, they have customer satisfaction as one of its main goals throughout the entire stages of the manufacturing process.

Its goal of achieving customer satisfaction don’t even stop at the manufacturing process but extends beyond closed deals through the warranties it offers.

Phenix carpets are backed up by Stain Resistance Warranties, Quality Assurance Warranties, Anti-Static Warranties, Abrasive Wear Warranties and Manufacturing Defect Warranties.

Phenix values your business. All its flooring products are made with you and your comfort in mind.

Phenix Flooring Brands

scotchgard-protector stainmaster-carpet

Phenix Flooring works with the best brand names in the flooring industry apart from its custom line of carpets. The company teams up with STAINMASTER AND SCOTCHGARD in order to create wide array of selections of premium P.E.T. and nylon carpets.

Phenix Carpet Features

Phenix carpets exceed industry standards and meet needs of every customer because of the revolutionary technologies below that were utilized during its manufacturing process:

ColorSense Technology enables the Phenix Carpets to achieve an overall balance of tones creating dynamic carpet palette selections. All customers can definitely find their taste of carpet tone and color.

STAINMASTER Active Family makes used of innovative technologies that transforms carpets into easy to clean flooring. The same technology is also responsible for maximizing Phenix carpets’ lifetime.

STAINMASTER PetProtect is a technology added to carpets that makes them resist difficult to remove pet stains. It also allows easy release of pet hair – perfect for households with pets.

Phenix Carpet Flooring Selections

Here are some of the carpet collections from Phenix:

Polyester Patterns are carpets that have a patterned cut loop style. They come in several palette options.

phenix-carpet-samples-2 phenix-carpet-samples

Artistry Collection utilizes ColorSense technology to provide dynamic and vibrant carpet color choices.


Street Collection comes in modern color trends that easily blends with textures and finishes you love.

phenix-carpet-samples-3 phenix-carpet-samples-4 phenix-carpet-samples-5

These are just some of the Carpet Collections from Phenix that you can find at Battleson Brothers Flooring. Check out our showroom to view samples and learn more about Phenix Flooring and its products from our knowledgeable staff.

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