Royalty Carpet Mills

Royalty Carpet Mills is one of the largest residential carpet mills in the United States. Since 1963, Royalty has maintained the legacy of producing top quality products at an excellent value as well as on-time delivery.

Currently, Royalty Carpet Mills markets three brands: Royalty, Camelot and Moda. Royalty is the mother brand. It is the brand that can meet customers’ needs, from multi-family to sophisticated patterns.

The company sees to it to stay on trend for customers with durable and stylish designs.

What sets apart Royalty Carpet Mills from other carpet brands are its up-to-date styling, unequaled quality and superior service that all dealers can count on.

Royalty Carpet Facts


Royalty Carpet Mills has always been a type 6,6 house and maintains a good relationship with Ascend and Invista Fiber industries.

  • Ascend’s carpet fiber is Ultron Nylon 6,6 which is the preferred premium branded fiber. Ultron is designed to last a lifetime adding ageless beauty to commercial carpet. Ultron fibers stay beautiful, colorful and brilliant, ensuring superior appearance retention for the life.
  • Invista’s carpet fiber is ANTRON®. ANTRON® carpet fiber is an integration of nylon 6,6, hollow- filament- fiber shape technology and DuraTech® soil resistant treatment which are powerful components that can keep carpets looking newer longer. These factors contribute to the longer First Life™, the period of time between when carpet is installed and removed.



  • Pet Protect. Royalty Carpet Mills offers Pet Protect Carpets with built-in stain resistance that provides a breathable moisture barrier while using proprietary technologies and chemistries to reduce the force of attraction between pet hair and the carpet.
  • STAINMASTER®. STAINMASTER® carpets are manufactured with high-quality materials and built to demanding performance specifications. They are extremely durable and easy to clean.
  • Scotchgard™. Scotchgard™ treated carpets are resistant to spills, stains and dirt. It is the best carpet protector there is.
  • Nubond/Super Rebond. This features Microban antimicrobial treatment and DuPont’s Hytrel, a one-way breathable moisture barrier. It is the pad of choice for a safe, clean, healthy, environmentally friendly, consistent carpet cushion that promises great resiliency for the life of your carpet.

Royalty Carpet Mills Products

These are some of the best carpet collections from Royalty Carpet Mills that you can find at Battleson Brothers Flooring:



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